Dr Hervé Cael - COVID 19 - There is no time to waste !

Nice, France, 5 avril 2020

« The struggle against the Coronavirus can only succeed by using all possible means » 
Protective masks, screening tests, access to all therapeutic hope »



Doctors today must be prepared for battle, we must provide them with vital equipment to ensure the durability and efficiency of their action. Find my intervention on channel I24 on the topic.

Protective masks, screening tests, access to all therapeutic hope. It is not too late to adapt a proper strategy in an ever changing context. Professor Raoults' research developments are outstandingly encouraging and convey excellent news. We are blessed to have such great researchers in France, and we must encourage them. 
I naturally support the action initiated by Philippe Douste-Blazy. I invite all of you to sign the petition online at the following address on Chang..org : shorturl.at/ekCQ2

Last but not least, during this most exhausting period of time, we must all make sure to thoroughly comply with confinement rules, it is today the most efficient manner to slow the pandemic down. Our co-citizens must remain ever watchful in order to support the fight directed by our medical staff.

Thank you for your support

Dr Hervé CAEL
Emergency Doctor

Nice - France